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Restaurant Review: The Underground Café

The Underground Café is located on 20th Street and is just west of the historic Roxy Theatre.

The coffee shop has two areas.  It has a sheltered front patio nestled in front of the shop  and right beside Village Guitar.  it is an ideal patio for soaking up the vibe on 20th Street all summer long.  Inside is a deceivingly large coffee shop with lots of seating and great coffee and teas.  The menu is make up of lunch options like paninis, grilled sandwiches, salads and soups.  For those of you with a sweet tooth, they have a good selection of desserts.  

The service is solid.  The front end staff know what they are doing and do it well while the food is out quickly from the kitchen.  The coffee and tea is fresh and well made.  If you are new to Saskatoon or call it home, it is worth the visit.

There is local art displayed to enjoy or buy.  You won’t want to miss the weekly live music shows in the evening.

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Restaurant Review: Winston’s English Pub

Jordon and I pop into Winstons’s English Pub quite often.  We generally grab  a seat in the Library which is a side nook on often quieter.  The food and service is consistent and despite the British vibe, the menu is largely Canadian pub favorites.

The food is good and the service is fast.  It’s even more remarkable when you consider how busy Winston’s can be some nights.  It often is literally overflowing with patrons.

The food and service is one thing but the reason people flock to Winston’s is the beer menu, one of the largest in the city.  Yet even as non drinkers it is a fun place to pop in, relax, and grab a bite of comfort food that warms you up especially in the winter.

During the summer months, ditch the Library and head upstairs to their deck.  It’s one of the cozier patios in the city and is a wonderful place to chill out and cool off with friends.

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Restaurant Review: New Island Sushi

Jordon and I went out to New Island Sushi on Friday.  The food wasn’t bad but the cost was and we left unimpressed considering many said it was the best Sushi in Saskatoon.

The food is passable and is better than some other sushi places in Saskatoon.  Compared to other markets, it really is mediocre.

Mediocre is what the restaurants  strives for.  Dirty washrooms, poorly maintained booths (ours had the paint worn off) and broken fixtures like the busted blinds we looked at all meal.  Also most of our dishes had chips in them.

It’s part of their business model but having to pay for refreshment refills despite the salty food (in part from the soy sauce) and dry rice set the tone for a really mediocre lunch.

There is good sushi in Saskatoon, it just isn’t found at New Island Sushi.

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