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Life Around Here

  • Jordon got some good news that his body is responding to chemotherapy and his body is fighting the cancer.  Most importantly his liver is regenerating and fighting the cancer.  We were told the news yesterday and today he had a marathon chemotherapy treatment that took five hours plus the 46 hours of treatment he gets from the toxic baby bottle.  He’s tired but happy with the news.  His diagnosis is still terminal but some of these small victories are huge.
  • He is still really weak.  Tonight he fell while going up our front steps and had to call for help.  Part of the reason was he was talking with his Aunt Bev and didn’t want to drop his phone but the main reason is that he is really, really weak still and it is going to be a long journey to get back to normal.
  • We are married 20 years this year and were planning to go to Banff for our anniversary.  Today we found out Jordon’s chemotherapy falls on our vacation so we are going a week early.  A little better weather (hopefully) will make for some nicer short hikes and times out in Banff and Lake Louise.  We may even go into Kootenay National Park and check out Radium Hot Springs.

  • Jordon spoke at the Saskatoon Terry Fox Run last Sunday.  Here is a photo of him moments before he spoke.  We had a nice time and he and some family and friends plan to do the walk next year.  What blows me mind is that Terry Fox averaged 42 km a day and then got up and did it the next day.
  • Jordon Cooper at the 2017 Terry Fox Run in Saskatoon

  • What struck me about Jordon’s talking to the event is that he knew he was too weak to do it but did it anyways.  His balance is still really bad from the lack of leg muscles but he committed to it anyways.  If it is important, he will be there and then figure out how to do it after he says yes.  He has been really tough through all of this.
  • We went out to City Perks to celebrate Jordon’s good news with our friends Janice and Hilary.  They have this random Twitter DM thread that has been going on forever and it is just stream of consciousness really but they have been two amazing friends not only to Jordon but to me.  There has been a lot of good friends and we appreciate all of you.
  • Finally, Jordon had a five hour chemo session today and thanks to all of you who sent in random stuff on Twitter.  It makes the session a lot shorter and funnier.  We appreciate it a lot.