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20th Anniversary

So Jordon I have been married 20 years today.  We checked out of the Holiday Inn early this morning and headed to RUH where Jordon was scheduled for a surgical procedure to fix his port.  Once that was done, we went to the Saskatoon Cancer Clinic for his chemo treatment.  While we were there a pharmacist and dietician came up to chat with Jordon and I.  It was good.  They are changing his medication a bit… he will get a new ant nauseous pill and they talked about medicinal marijuana which Jordon doesn’t want to try.

After chemo we often go for lunch but Jordon just wanted to go home.  He really wasn’t feeling well and was really nauseous today.  After he had a nap, we took the kids out for dinner.  Jordon wasn’t up for a fancy meal and only ate a bite and a bit while out tonight.  He would have wasted a nicer meal.  He also had some serious problems with his hands and mouth with the chemo neuropathy.  Like a lot of cancer patients, he is super sensitive to cold to the point where he can’t drink cold drinks early in his chemo cycle but tonight, even the cold air bothered him and caused his tongue to swell.

We dropped the boys off at home, went to Lawson Heights Mall and then Peavey Mart where we picked up some LED string light for the tree.  These will blink and fade in and out and basically make the tree more animated.  Jordon and our local councillor later were mocked by Peavey Mart’s social media person which was pretty funny.

Gord Downie died today.  It drove home that this could be the last anniversary we might have together.  I really hope it isn’t.  It was still a nice day.  I hope we have many, many more.

20 Years

Jordon and I have been married 20 years this Wednesday.  We were going to go to Banff National Park to celebrate in a great little hotel but then he got cancer and it really hurts him to drive that far.  Instead we are doing a staycation and staying in the downtown Holiday Inn in a great suite.  We learned after Edmonton that if we drove to Banff Jordon would be in overwhelming pain by the time we got to MEC in Calgary and in serious pain by the time he got to Banff.  He would be exhausted the next day which would be a lost day.  It also meant he would be exhausted and in pain by the time we got home to Saskatoon.  That is the reality of having cancer.

Jordon Cooper

It’s going to be a challenge because Jordon can’t eat much other than salads for breakfast and he abhors the taste of coffee.  That was something that seemed to start when the tumor was growing on his liver before he was diagnosed with cancer.  It has continued on with the chemotherapy.  Or it is because the tumors aren’t dead yet.  Either way, he hates coffee now.

Monday we are free all day and may head out of town.  It depends on how he feels in the morning.  He is at the end of the chemo cycle but that doesn’t mean he feels great, especially in the mornings.  I think the sleeping pills are a part of that.  He may just sleep in until we need to check into the hotel.

Tuesday Jordon has to go get his blood work down and have a chemo review with an oncologist (she is one of the oncologists on his team but the only met once.  I am sure she will be great like his other oncologists he deals with).  We will stick around Saskatoon Tuesday and go out with some friends Tuesday night.

Wednesday is the BIG day.  That is being spent with Jordon being hooked up to IVs and his headphones as he has chemo for much of the day.  He goes in early in the morning and won’t get out until early afternoon.  The good news is that he has a window after chemo where food doesn’t taste horrible to him so we will go out for lunch before heading home and seeing the boys and the dogs. 

The hotel has Wifi so I will bring a laptop along and update each evening.