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The weekend

  • The Huskies Store in Circle Centre Mall is closing out and moving to Preston Crossing.  The end result is that we picked up a sweatshirt for Oliver and some shorts for myself for almost nothing.
  • We worked out some weekend trips for the this summer.  I think we are going to camp at Fort Carlton Provincial Park and then a weekend up at Prince Albert National Park this summer.  Mark and Oliver plan to go camping at Pike Lake Provincial Park this summer as well.
  • We don’t have a lot of plans made for Easter.  I am working Good Friday.  After work that day we will go to Draggin’s Rod and Custom Car Show.  It gets us later at night but the crowds aren’t so bad then.  We’ll go and grab some “rink burgers” at Prairieland Park for dinner.  I know it isn’t a rink anymore but it used to be.  The spirit of the rinkburger lives on.

Draggin's Rod and Custom Car Show in Saskatoon

  • Oliver is sicker than anything this weekend.  He never gets an ear infection but he has one this time.