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Florida Pizza Hut Threatens Employees Fleeing Hurricane With Discipline If They Miss Work

From Eater

As Hurricane Irma barreled toward Florida, a restaurant in the storm’s path warned evacuating employees they could face disciplinary action if they missed shifts. Management at a Pizza Hut in Jacksonville posted an employee memo demanding that employees not evacuate more than 24 hours before the storm and return within 72 hours, the Washington Post reports.

The memo, a photo of which began making the rounds on Twitter over the weekend, specified that evacuating workers who missed a scheduled shift would be considered a “no call/no show” and would be written up.

Twitter users quickly took the restaurant to task, accusing the company of putting profits ahead of its employees’ safety:

The Nomadic Gardener

Jim Kovaleski is a nomadic gardener — he refers to what he does as “portable farming” at one point — who moves from place to place, renting out people’s yards to grow produce, which he then sells to stores and markets.

This nomadic gardener travels between Maine to Florida gardening leased front yards. With a frugal lifestyle and revenues as high as $1.5K a week, he’s living the dream.