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Oliver is 6!

Oliver Cooper turns 6

Oliver turned six today and as you can imagine, super excited.  We got him a Marvel Avengers Lego game for his Nintendo DS, a Super Soaker, a Nerf Gun (that shoots a lot of Nerf darts all at once), some more Nerf darts (this could be a bad decision on our part) as well as an old Fuji J10 digital camera of ours (and the cutest camera case you have ever seen).  I also replaced his favourite mug that has the number “5” on it with a mug that has a number “6” on it.

Ever since we gave Mark his Pentax camera for his birthday, Oliver has loved to go out with us taking video with his small video camera but with he is often disappointed that he can’t take any pictures with it.  Well now he can.  It should be fun.  Since he loves to see his photos online, we set up a Flickr account for him.

He is really careful with electronics and while it’s no big loss if he breaks the camera, I don’t think he will.  We had given him a cheap Vivitar camera that he loved but the problem was with no memory card, it was a pain to be downloading photos.  With a 4gb card in this camera, he will be able to photograph things until he is tired of it.  The memory card will hold 4000 photos which is more than his battery can power.  The other good news is that it has the same battery as my compact Fuji so only one charger to take on trips.

So today I am baking up some cupcakes for his class and then getting ready for a nice hamburger dinner.  Then we are meeting Jerry & Gloria Reimer for ice cream at Homestead Ice Cream.  On July 1st, the day were able to take Oliver home, the first stop we made was at the Reimers so they are appropriate people to celebrate with tonight.