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This is disgusting

Senator (and pastor) Don Meredith just doesn’t grope teens according to allegations from staff

Senator and pastor Don Meredith

Two sets of doors were always closed before Sen. Don Meredith felt comfortable starting any meeting in his office across Parliament Hill.

The first leads to a shared hallway, the second to Meredith’s desk. Shutting them both seemed to give him a sense of privacy and control.

Staff members found it bizarre, but they did what their boss asked. “Constant paranoia” was a running theme in the office, one former female aide said.

Behind those doors, they claim, the senator began inappropriately touching his female employees.

“Once the doors close — which was not able to be opened from the outside if it was locked — well, I felt like I was trapped and he was able to touch me and be very … all over me,” alleged another former female staffer.

It looks like he was a sexual predator as a senator and a pastor.  I am not sure what is more appalling that he has been able to keep his title of Senator this long or his church hasn’t fired him and he hasn’t been defrocked by whoever it was who ordained him.

Oh good grief, he was a fraud before he was a senator as well.

Meredith claims an honorary degree from an association of Christian counsellors, the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors’ Association, that has no standing as a degree-granting school and has been signing himself as “The Honourable Dr. Don Meredith” since receiving the honour. Meredith stopped calling himself a doctor after his credentials were questioned and he was called upon to substantiate his educational credentials. Meredith also claims to have earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in religious studies from California State Christian University, an unaccredited, unregulated school which is not recognized by either the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and is not permitted by the state of California to grant graduate degrees.