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  1. It took four hours (four hours!) but I managed to changed our booking for our anniversary from Banff to Saskatoon with Airmiles.  We are married for 20 years this year and while Jordon was willing to drive to Banff, the end result is that he would have been exhausted and slept for most of the vacation.  That and we have chemo on our anniversary date.  So we are spending a couple of nights at the downtown Holiday Inn and then heading to the Saskatoon Cancer Clinic when we check out.  It is going to be a brutal chemo for Jordon that day which is why we are celebrating a few days early at the end of this chemo cycle.  I am not sure if we will have an anniversary date that night but it doesn’t take away from 20 years of marriage.  A few months ago I (and some doctors) wasn’t sure if I would take him home from the hospital.
    1. As an aside, they have taken Jordon off his steroids which allow him to sleep better and stop degrading his immune system but make it much harder for him to get through the day.
  2. Oliver is back at karate which makes him excited.  He went from nothing to his green belt so he is pretty pumped to try to get his purple belt this year.
  3. Jordon’s chemo is working but he is paying the price in terms of side effects.  He is suffering from horrible neuropathy in his hands and mouth from anything cold right now.  It is also leaving his exhausted.  The good news is that he went soup shopping last night with me and picked out a bunch of soups he thought he could eat and keep down.  So far so good.
  4. I know most of you haven’t started your Christmas prep yet but ours is well underway.  We are using Google Keep to keep track of our Christmas lists and it is working well.  If you share a list on it with another person, your updates are shared real time via the app for phones and tablets and on the desktop version.  It works really well for Jordon and I to keep track of all sorts of things from family birthdays to Christmas lists to Christmas events going on in the city.
    1. For those of you who do all your shopping on Amazon.ca and not local, you are paying more for the convenience.  We have the Amazon plugin on our browser and I am shocked at how many times Amazon is more expensive than local. 
  5. So yes, we were broken into the other night.  Luckily the burglar saw Jordon (who saw him) and left but it was unnerving and scary at the same time.  So we are being extra cautious with locked doors and windows.  The police officer who took our report in the morning told us that four other homes were broken into on our block that night and a car on the block over was stolen.   We have some new motion detection lights being installed and some extra security for the back door being made.
  6. That isn’t the only thing being stolen.  An animal is getting into our compost bin and making a mess.  I think it is a cat since I have never seen a stray dog nor does Saskatoon have raccoons.  Our compost has a front door on it so you can take the compost out but we emptied it completely a few weeks ago and took all of the compost out so now there is some food scraps down there and that is what the animal is going for.
  7. Jordon has become a big fan of 2Cellos which is basically two guys playing rock music on their cellos.  It is a quite a fusion and I have come to like them quite a bit.
  8. My friend Hilary inspired us to set up our bird feeder last winter and not a seed was eaten.  This summer it has been busier so we will see what the result is this winter.  She has a good post on feeding birds on her blog.  Despite our lack of success with it, we bought a new bird house and have it hanging nearby.  We’ll see what happens.