From Saskatoon

Nuit Blanche

Eden's Sprout

Mark watching Eden's Sprout

Photographers at work

Eden's Sprout being created

Creators got to create

The Joy of Painting

Saskatoon Library

They took my spot

Public art

A tuba


Painter doing this thing

People talking during Nuit Blanche

Installation at Nuit Blanche

People at Nuit BlancheJenga at Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche 2014

So here are my favourite photos from Nuit Blanche.  I borrowed an Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens which contributed greatly to how these photos turned out but more than that, it was the energy in the air during a fantastic event.

Jordon and I brought Mark and Oliver down to it without knowing how they would enjoy it.  Oliver had to be pried away from the Eden’s Sprout exhibit while Mark had a great time exploring 20th Street. It was a fantastic night to be out on 20th Street with 5,000 of my closest friends (even if some of the city councillors we ran into were a tad defensive).

I only posted my favourites here but there are some more that can be found on Flickr.

Oliver riding the Super Slide at the Saskatoon Ex

Jordon, Mark and I took Oliver to the Saskatoon Ex.  Here is here riding the Super Slide with video from Jordon’s iPhone.  Later on he rode the roller coaster and took a run through Spiderman’s House before checking out the rest of the midway, exhibition halls and grabbing some food to eat.

Then we left Mark to watch The Sheepdogs play at the grandstand and called it a night.  It was Mark’s first rock concert and suddenly I am feeling really, really old.


Mark CooperMark graduated from Grade 8 tonight.  Not a huge accomplishment but an accomplishment nonetheless.  Jordon, Oliver, and I were all at Westmount School to celebrate with him.  After the ceremony, we are heading back home to chill out, order in some food and give him his gifts.  Jordon and I got him a nice knife while Oliver got him a cool watch.

He’s off to Bedford Road Collegiate next year where he will be the first of the classes to be called Redhawks.