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Turning 45 today

I turned 45 today.  It was a quiet day because a) I am now as old as dirt and b) I am sicker than a sick dog.

I woke up to some great presents.  Mark and Oliver gave me the new Taylor Swift album 1989.

I didn’t think I would like the album as much as I have.  Then again I’ll just shake it off.

Then Jordon gave me a new Fitbit Flex.

FitBit Flex

So now I can track every part of my life.  When I am walking, how much I am drinking (water folks), and the quality of my sleep.

Since all of us are still quite ill, instead of going out, we ordered in and watched Guardians of the Galaxy which I picked up at Red Box.

Instead of a teddy bear growing up, Jordon had a toy raccoon.  I guess we know what happened to it.

After that we all of to bed.  Jordon and Oliver are partially deaf and I am still battling this cold/flu.  I have laryngitis but have avoided what Jordon and Oliver have had.

It is my party and I can go to bed early if I want to….  thanks for the nice wishes and birthday greetings.  It’s appreciated.


Lefse being cooked on a griddle

This is what I spent my night making.  Lefse.  Its a Scandinavian flat bread made popular by the Norwegians.  I make tynnlefse which is common in Central Norway.  Jordon’s family loved it and I am told that Jordon’s (Norwegian) grandmother used to make one ice cream pail for each day leading up to Christmas and the Cooper family would devour it.   After making it for hours and having no where close to an ice cream pail full, much respect goes out to Grandma Cooper.  That being said if it was me, I would have rationed it more and invested in a Taser or cattle prod to keep back the hordes of Cooper’s trying to get some.

In case you are looking for a good Norwegian Lefse recipe, you can find on The Cooking Blog.  It’s been proven to work for several Christmases in my kitchen.

An early Christmas

We generally get together on Christmas Day with Jerry & Gloria Reimer and Kristy.  This year Christmas Day isn’t going to work so we got together tonight for a fabulous Christmas dinner.  There was turkey, green bean casserole, potatoes, stuffing, wine, and amazing farmer’s sausage from Valley Meat Processors.

After dinner we exchanged gifts and had a lot of fun.  They gave Jordon the book Legacy of Worship: Sacred Places in Rural Saskatchewan.

Legacy of Worship

I can’t wait to read this book.

We got a couple of great couple gifts.  A night at the movies (from Kristy) some tickets to the Saskatoon Blades (as a family) and some tickets to Persephone Theatre.  I also was given a wonderful day at Just For You Day Spa.

They spoiled Oliver with a big interactive puzzle showing the planets, Lego, more Lego and an old school children’s book.  Mark was tormented with some brain teasers, a book, and a gift card (which he just spent on a Monocular and some cases for his lens).  He was really excited.  

We gave Gloria some Sennheisser headphones and Charlie LeDuff’s book Detroit: An American Autopsy.  We gave Jerry a bluetooth speaker and Stuck in the Middle and we gave Kristy a purse, Nikon 24-70 f2.8 lens mug, and a collection of recipes for when you are cooking with Coca-Cola.

It was a really nice evening and a great way to kick off our Christmas season.

New addition to the kitchen

Safeway has been running a promotion where you can collect stamps and redeem them for a Zwilling J.A. Henckels Five Star Knife.  I started to collect the stamps, lost my stamps, collected some more and got a Santoku knife today.  On the Zwilling website, it shows them being sold for $175.  Since I got it for free, it was a pretty sweet deal.  It is also the sharpest knife I have ever owned.  It is so sharp that it kind of freaks me out.

Zwilling Henchels Five Star Knife

You can collect and redeem them until February.  If you haven’t started, it’s not too late.

Full Time Old Job

Canada Safeway

I started with Canada Safeway 20 years ago this year.  Like all staff I started out casually but soon made it to the top wage (things were good back then).  I qualified for benefits and eventually went from no guaranteed hours and literally no hours in January and February to eventually getting full time hours 12 weeks out of 13 weeks (with a slight reduction the 13th week to keep me from getting better benefits).  The pay is good, the job is fine but I was still casual.

Two weeks ago they posted a full time position at my store.  Full time positions are really, really rare at Safeway and it was kind of a big deal because they offer a little more security but also some better benefits.  I applied.  So did people from all across the city.  I found out yesterday that I got the job and start in a new position but same old job at the end of the month.  As most of you know I love working at the 33rd Street Safeway so to get a full time position there is a great perk.  I can still be moved (this is store number 4 for me) but I have been here for six years and I really like it.

When I started at Safeway, I would call the women the who worked the day shifts and were full time, “the old bittys”.  When I told Jordon that I got the job, that was the first thing he called me.  I knew my words would haunt me.