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The Cooper Family History

I found this history of Jordon’s grandparents.  I thought I would save it here since if the server goes down, I’ll have a copy for the boys.The Cooper Family History

Here is the text

Cooper, George & Minerva (Grenerud)

I was born February 7th, 1900, the fourth son of Christopher and Ada Cooper.  I started school at Keelerville with Wray Wylie as the teacher.  After three years I attended school in the village of Keeler.  On leaving school, I worked for several farmers in the district and helped my dad who was the in the draying business as well as farming.

I enlisted into the army in 1939, and, later transferring to the R.C.A.F.  I spent time in Brandon, St. Thomas, Ont. and in Dauphin, Manitoba.  It was was while stationed in Dauphin that I became ill and spend nine months in Deere Lodge in WInnipeg before being given a medical discharge.

On returning to Keeler, I operated a general store for several years.  I married Minerva Grenerud of Broderick, Saskatchewan in 1947.   Our first daughter Patsy was born in 1949.  She is married to Bob Prior and they live on Vancouver Island.  They have a son Jeff and daughter Michelle.  In 1952 Lloyd was born.  He married, was divorced, and has three children by this marriage.  Jordon, Jolene, and Lee.  He now lives in Edson, Alberta and has a daughter Dani Lee.

In 1961 our youngest daughter Beverly was born.  She is married to Roy Sztym and has a son Scott.  They live in Red Deer.

I rented and farmed land from 1951 to 1979.  I also operated a garage in my last years in Keeler.  We took over the post office from W.F. Fowle and operated it until we moved to Red Deer in 1980.   I was a village councilor following the death of C. Stuart and was the town secretary-treasurer for 19 years.

During our time in Keeler I tried we always tried to keep an active part in our community and served on various boards while we lived there.

This one is Jordon’s great grandparents. Christopher and Ada.  Of course Jordon calls Minerva and George “grandma and grandpa” while his aunts refer to Christopher and Ada as “grandma and grandpa”.  It’s a tad bit confusing.

The Cooper Family History

The Cooper’s are hilarious story tellers, both accurate and ficticious. The stories of Tip (the dog) are amazing and worth a book all by itself. I don’t care of any of them are true (there are some great true stories but the stories of Tip the Dog as a powerful local politician who was brought down by scandal aren’t the most believable).  They are hilarious though.  If you want to see the Christopher and Ada family homestead, Jordon posted some photos here.

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