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Guyana prez invites expats to invest for development

Guyana’s president calling for 19th century solutions in a 21st century world.

President David Granger told Guyanese at a meet and greet reception on Sept. 22, that Guyana needs ‘brains not barrels” and called on expatriates to investment in the development of their homeland, during an address at the midtown New York Princeton Club.

“We welcome your investments. We need your intellectual capital, with your help, we could become an important manufacturing country and not simply exporters of raw materials,” Granger told a packed audience of professionals, dignitaries and diplomats.

“We want to export the best furniture, and the finest jewelry to develop these industries. We could become an important manufacturing country, but we cannot do it alone,” said President Granger.

Calling bauxite, timber, gold, diamond, rice, and sugar, the ‘six sisters’ that have been Guyana’s main industries, President Granger noted that some of these industries are tired, adding that diversification in manufacturing is needed to move Guyana’s economy forward.

“Guyana is ready to take off, other countries have used Guyana’s products. We produce the best Demerara Rum and Demerara Sugar, we must become innovative, we can do it.”

He emphasized the importance of creating a strong infrastructure and called for engineers to bridge parts of Guyana, stating that the vast Essequibo region “does not have one single bridge.”

President said there is urgency for Guyana to build highways, and bridges, noting that it takes Minister Hastings-Williams MP, two days to travel to Georgetown to attend Parliament from the hinterland.

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