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Restaurant Review: Cora Breakfast and Lunch

I have been here twice.  The first time was so bad that I felt that I owed it to myself to try it again.  That was a mistake.

When Cora’s came to Saskatoon, people were lined up outside in the winter to get in.  It was that big of deal.  All I heard of what how incredible the place was, so we decided to check it out.

The basic structure of the pricing is to sell you a really basic meal and charge you for every little bit extra.  Want fruit? That will be more.  Want a side?  That will be more.  I don’t mind that but their base meal is what I pay for all of the extras at another restaurant. 

If I am going to pay more, I’d like better food but it was the definition of bland both times.  No real care for how the food was presented or even served warm.  The service was indifferent despite being completely empty the one time we were there.  To be fair, often the morning staff have to work hard to get the restaurant ready but that shouldn’t come at the expense of customers.  Sadly she wasn’t even doing that but was talking loudly on the phone and complaining about life.  It was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had at a restaurant.  In the end, this is why restaurants have managers.

I am told by many that the chain is much better out east.  That may be true but I am eating at it here and for this I expect better service and food than what I got.  There are so many better breakfast options in Saskatoon, I’d advice that you try one of those out before heading to Cora’s.

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