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CCM Rooftop Cargo Bag

Instead of jam packing the car full of stuff when we go into the Rocky Mountains next year, we bought one of these.  It is from CCM and is a bag that attaches to the roof of any car and offers up 13 cubic feet of space, or about the same amount as some of the Thule rooftop carriers which cost about 8 times as much.

CCM rooftop cargo bag

After looking at it, I should be able to get the sleeping bags and the tents in the bag with no problem.  We don’t have rooftop racks but it has it’s own attachment system so it will be fine.  Once we get to Banff National Park, we will take it down and toss it in the back.  It folds down to a small bag with no problems.  The one thing that the reviews pointed out that if used in the rain on the highway, water will get in.  That makes sense.  100 kph of driving rain tends to force it’s way into any small holes or cracks.  To stop that we will toss things in waterproof bags before we pack it.

Wow, already taking steps for next year’s trip.  That doesn’t seem like me does it.

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